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Management Team

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A focus on enhancing leadership skills.

The Management Team Member is a program for the Top Executive and his or her management team.

It begins with a  3 Day Boot Camp, to…

  • help with the development of alignment, engagement & accountability within management team
  • help you understand and implement “DISC” employee assessment tools

Next we will hold quarterly sessions focus on enhancing leadership skills, management strategies, organizational culture development and annual planning.

Program Components

3-day Management Team Boot Camp
Top Executive 

  • Monthly Top Executive Forum Meetings
  • Annual Top Executive Strategies for Success Retreat (2 days)
  • Quarterly Top Executive Coaching Sessions

Management Team

  • Bi-annual Management Team Coaching Sessions
  • Annual Management Team Business Planning Workshop
  • Annual Managers’ Strategies for Success Workshop (1 day)

How the Program Works

Awareness & Understanding, Commitment & Accountability

  • Practical proven tools to support implementation of a performance-enhancing infrastructure that gets everyone working together and focuses on profitable growth.
  • Integrated follow-up coaching to ensure proper installation of the tools and systems associated with the program.
  • Diagnostic tools with direct employee feedback and bottom-line performance measures.

Program Impact

For your employees

Increasingly consistent answers to critical questions:

  • What are we trying to do?
  • How are we trying to do it?
  • What contribution am I expected to make?
  • What are the implications for me of success (and failure)?

For your business

An evolution of your company’s culture towards:

  • Greater accountability for results
  • Increased pride in and commitment to company performance
  • Better understanding of acceptable (and unacceptable) behavior

Decision Factors

Would you like…

  • A culture of accountability, shared values and aligned focus, with a bias for purposeful action.
  • Everyone knows what is expected
  • Everyone accepts responsibility for achievement
  • Everyone knows what is and isn’t accepted behavior
  • Things get done when they are due
  • People work together towards a common goal
  • Supervisors aren’t afraid to speak frankly about performance shortfalls
  • A company that is working well from top to bottom
  • A company that allows you the time to focus on the Top Executive issues rather than day to day implementation?
  • A company that is more responsive to the market and competition?

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