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Fresh ideas for entrepreneurs

The Renaissance Executive Forums of Colorado Entrepreneur Membership is a special program for a select group of start up business owners.


Have you ever said…

“I’m always looking for ways to grow my business.”
“I wish my business was more profitable.”
“I’d love to have some other business owners to talk to.”
“I need to rub elbows with some people who can energize me.”
“This working alone is tough… it’s lonely here at the top!”

If you’ve ever uttered just one of the above statements the Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS Entrepreneur Membership is for you. Our Entrepreneur groups meet monthly 10 times per year and begin with an Education Component small businesses need to survive and thrive.

Module 1: The Essentials of Starting a Business
Module 2: The Essentials of Creating a Business Plan
Module 3: The Essentials of Getting things Done
Module 4: The Essentials of Business Business Financing
Module 5: The Essentials of Financial Statements
Module 6: The Essentials of Business Accounting
Module 7: The Essentials of Marketing & Planning
Module 8: The Essentials of Social Media Marketing
Module 9: The Essentials of Networking & Face to Face meetings
Module 10: The Essentials of Sales & Salesforce Management
Module 11: The Essentials of Strategic Planning
Module 12: The Essentials of Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators

After the Educational Component, members enjoy our proven peer advisory board review process similar to that which thousands of larger company Presidents, CEOs and Owners participate in, and find invaluable to their success.

You’ll get an infusion of fresh ideas… you’ll be able to capitalize on the experience and expertise of other business owners… you’ll have an escape from the loneliness that sole proprietors and small business owners constantly complain about… you’ll have a group of confidants and friends to hold you accountable… and more!!!

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