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The process to become a member of the Renaissance Executive Forums Colorado family of begins with a face to face meeting…

The First Step: We Get To Know Each Other

Our first in person conversation is definitely not a “sales call.” Instead it is the beginning of a discovery process, where we learn about each other. When we sit down for the initial interview, naturally you’ll have some questions for us, and obviously we’ll have some questions for you about your business and the unique challenges you face. Typically after about 1 to 2 hours, we’ll both know if this looks like a good fit, and if we should take the next step.

Of course when we’re chatting you’re deciding if Executive Forums Colorado can be a great help to you, but it works the other way too – we too are determining

  • if we can help you, and
  • if you’re a good fit for one of our Forum groups or other programs.

Membership is pretty exclusive, we don’t just take anyone who wants to write us a check. Each member is carefully selected based on a variety of criteria, such as their personality, ability to learn and implement change, professional skills,  potential to help to other Forum members, and company demographics, size, and revenues.

The Second Step: Logistics

If we’re both ready to take the next step, we’ll then schedule a second meeting, where we will complete a Membership enrollment and make financial arrangements. We’ll also schedule you to take the acclaimed TTI Success Insights DISC personality profile, as well as provide you with the template you’ll use to build your first Focus Executive presentation for your Executive Forums Colorado peer group – information they’ll need to know so that they can help you at the same level you’ll help them. Both the DISC analysis and Focus Executive preparation are incredibly valuable tools that begin the all-important inward look at yourself and your company.

The Third Step: DISC and Focus Executive Review

Next we’ll meet a third time to review your DISC results and Focus Executive presentation, as well as to decide what your top priorities are for coaching, and get some coaching meetings scheduled. We’ll also discuss your which issues you want to bring to your Forum group for help.

Membership! And Your First Forum Meeting

Typically after these 3 meetings are completed you’ll be ready to attend your first Forum meeting. At that initial meeting you won’t be expected to do anything other than to soak it all in, get familiar with what it feels like to be in an Executive Forums Colorado meeting, and get to know your fellow members. Most members tell us they really begin to feel the power of these groups at their very first meeting, and that it’s like the huge weight all business owners carry begins to lighten.

We offer 4 unique Membership Levels:

This group of leaders is assembled with one purpose in mind, to help each other grow and ascend to the next level.

Ready to take that first step?

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