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Business Diagnostics

There is a direct statistical link between good business practices and bottom-line results.

Denver Executive Leadership Training Business Diagnostics ImageThe Renaissance Executive Forums of Colorado PerformanceInsights™ program is a diagnostic tool that provides you with dynamic, forward-looking performance data.

The results of this data are statistically tied to both retention of your best employees as well as long-term profit performance.

PerformanceInsights™ provides you with:

  • Actionable Knowledge
  • Data statistically tied to employee retention and financial performance
  • Base-line measures in 12 critical business functions
  • A Benchmark Report comparing your company’s performance against a databank of other similar organizations
  • A measure to highlight the differences in perceptions between managers and employees
  • A results-oriented action plan that places focus on high-impact / low performance opportunities

How it works

First, your managers and employees complete a comprehensive, confidential survey that ranks best-practices on a sliding scale.

Once the surveys have been completed, Renaissance Executive Forums of Colorado provides your executive team a graphical management report showing a remarkably accurate snapshot of the culture of the organization.

Additional coaching and workshops

You can take the results we provide, use the report internally, and stop there.

However, best outcomes are achieved via our Management team planning workshop targeting high-impact / low performance opportunities for organizational improvement.

This workshop produces a customized action plan that can be used immediately to begin working on needed changes. We want to help you succeed, and provide the proper support that ensures your action plan is effectively and efficiently implemented to achieve the desired results.



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